About us

What we do!

Encourage and support the development of young people

  1. Partner with existing charities and institutions to drive awareness and opportunities for young people

  2. Provide coaching and activities for young people to engage, learn and apply new skills through sports and education

  3. Support young people to develop the skills required for their personal growth and engage them in social activities, helping break down social barriers

Improve the social engagement of young people with disabilities

  1. Increase opportunities for young people with disabilities to express and develop themselves in society

  2. Empower young people with disabilities in all communities to pursue sporting or academic development

  3. Introduce targeted coaching for their specific areas of development through events and activities

Support young girls/Women to become socially accepted

    1. Support young girls through sponsorship of education and introduce coaching through sport
    2. Ensure young girls/women and their families have the required level of support / resources to allow them to express their abilities at the highest level
    3. Develop the key social skills needed to engage with and position themselves as important constituents of their communities

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