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Tanzil Bukhari

(Managing Trustee)

Tanzil is a tenured media executive currently working as the Head of Agency Development at Google. A regular speaker on all things media and technology, he helps his clients define, design and execute their business strategies. In his spare time, he is focused on mentoring young entrepreneurs and their businesses, ensuring the right infrastructures are developed. He has a close association with cricket through his family and is currently supporting his son develop the skills needed to excel in cricket at Uxbridge and Hillingdon Cricket Clubs. The focus on youth development comes from his own experiences and the steps he has needed to take to succeed. He believes that ensuring young people get access to the coaching, mentoring and support at an early age is key to their future achievements.

Tabassum Bukhari


Tabassum was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to the UK after her family’s relocation to The Netherlands. She built her own mobile beauty business and focused on expanding this for 4 years. Following the birth of the first of two children, she decided to become a fulltime housewife and mother. However, having been through the education process in Pakistan through to college, she experienced first-hand the stigma associated with education of young girls from her community. This experience provides the impetus to drive the engagement and delivery of Eshaki Foundation objective focused on social acceptance of young girls/women in society.

Mayur Patel


An entrepreneur at heart, Mayur has worked in the IT and networking space for over 18 years, a large portion of which has been spent at IBM. During this time he has completed an MSC, scaled his property investments and portfolio and supported various community projects. Whilst his average workday encompasses the use of a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from deep analysis of technical infrastructures to developing and executing commercial frameworks, he still finds time to cook, spend time family and keep himself fit. He firmly believes that balancing work and life, remaining fit and healthy and having clear goals are key to success. It is with this belief that he joined Eshaki Foundation and hopes that he can leverage his own experiences to ensure the youth of today, set themselves up for success tomorrow.

Sarwat Bukhari

(Media and Communications Director)

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