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Apply for a Grant - Organisations

Eshaki Foundation gives large and small donations to charities and organisations depending on the project and available funds.  Our current priorities are projects that make a transformational change and have a high level of impact on individuals, their families and communities.  Larger grants (in excess of £20K) will be the exception.

Applications by Registered Charities, Community Organisations and Overseas Charitable Organisations have to be by way of letter on the organisation’s headed paper and should:

  • Give a brief description of your organisation including any statutory or voluntary registration.
  • Provide a summary of the work you plan to undertake with the grant, together with a cost breakdown, plans and/or specification if available and a summary of the key milestones for the work.
  • Provide information on why you need to do this work and what would happen if you were unable to do it.
  • Give details of any other UK-based support received or pledged for your project.
  • Specify what you expect the results of the work to be and the number of beneficiaries helped.
  • Tell us how you plan to evaluate whether the work achieved its goals.
  • Tell us if the work will require capital and/or ongoing operational funding and if so how you plan to meet these costs.

Please print, sign and attach the Eshaki Foundation Terms and Conditions to the application. Failure to do so will result in the application being returned.

When to Apply?

You can apply for a grant at any time however please ensure a signed copy of the Eshaki Foundation Terms and Conditions has been included in your submission of the application. Our Trustees meet four times a year but procedures exist to give approvals between meeting dates if necessary. We do not publish the dates of Trustees’ meetings.

What Happens to your Application?

We will send you an acknowledgement letter as soon as we are able to following receipt of your application at our office. If your application does not include the required information, is ineligible or of a low priority we will advise you in this letter. Failure to include signed Terms and Conditions with your application will result in the application being returned.

We will assess all acceptable applications and we may contact you for further information and may ask for a presentation or request a visit.
We aim to make decisions on 95% of grant applications within two months and on all applications within three months.

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